Tirana Zoo

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Tirana Zoo
Date opened 1966
Location Tirana, Albania

Tirana Zoo is a zoo in Tirana, Albania. It was established in 1966. On 14 April, 2006, a meeting of Albanians and Dutch took place in the Netherlands to create an action plan for the zoo for next two years.[1]

The lion in the Tirana's Zoo.

It is the only zoo in Albania governed by the local government (the municipality of Tirana). Animals contained in the zoo include two bears, two lions, six llamas, an eagle (the national symbol of Albania), four monkeys, foxes, wolves, and several swans. It is located in Tirana's Green Park. The zoo suffers from a lack of qualified staff, and visitors are not satisfied by the conditions the zoo's animals live in. [2] On average, three hundred people visit the zoo every week.


Coordinates: 41°18′28″N 19°48′34″E / 41.307806°N 19.809389°E / 41.307806; 19.809389