Tirant lo Blanc (film)

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Tirant lo Blanc
Tirante el Blanco.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Vicente Aranda
Produced by Enrique Viciano
Screenplay by Vicente Aranda
Based on Tirant lo Blanch 
by Joanot Martorell
Music by José Nieto
Cinematography José Luis Alcaine
Edited by Teresa Font
Carolina Films
Future Films
Talent Films
Distributed by Arclight Films
Release date(s)
  • 7 April 2006 (2006-04-07)
Running time 127 minutes [1]
Language English
Budget €15,000,000[2]
Box office €1,557,015[3]

Tirant lo Blanc (a.k.a. The Maidens' Conspiracy) is a 2006 historical adventure film directed by Vicente Aranda. It is based on Tirant lo Blanch, a Valencian language chivalry novel dating to 1490, written by Joanot Martorell. It stars Casper Zafer as the title character, Esther Nubiola as Carmesina, Victoria Abril as Viuda Reposada, and Leonor Watling as Placerdemivida.

The film was shot in English, and was filmed in Madrid, Istanbul, Palermo, Granada, Huelva, Barcelona and Valencia.[4]


In 1401, Tirant lo Blanc, a famous knight, arrives with his small but battle-hardened troops to the port of Constantinople. The emperor of Byzantium is too old to lead his army in battle and his only son has recently been killed by the Turks. Constantinople is under treat of a Turkish invasion and therefore is in desperate need of a skilful military leader. Upon arrival, Tirant is received by the emperor who makes him commander in chief of the Imperial army.

After he is presented to the empress, Tirant catches a glimpse of the breasts of Princess Carmensina, the emperor's only surviving child. A nosebleed-prone teenager who has just turn nubile, the beautiful and fanciful Carmesina is quickly smitten by the brave and handsome Tirant. Carmensina confides her love for Tirant to her main lady in waiting and guardian, the Rested Widow. The widow immediately puts down Carmensina's romantic dreams. As brave and good military leader as Tirant might be, he is neither of royal blood nor has a fortune of his own to aspire to marry the heiress of the empire. Carmensina's friends and confidantes, her maidens: Pleasure-of-My-Life and Estefania, think otherwise. Fearful of a possible Turkish invasion, they encourage Carmensina interest in Tirant as she is to inherit the throne and he has been called to defend it. Both, Pleasure-of-My-Life and Estefania, have personal reasons to encourage the romance. Estefania has fallen in love with Diafebus, Tirant's best friend and right-hand man. As ardent is Tirant in his hopes of consummating his love for Carmensina as is Diafebus with Estefania in the same regard.


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