Tirumala Express

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Tirumala Express
17488 Tirumala Express at Visakhapatnam 01.jpg
17488 Tirupati bound Tirumala Express at Visakhapatnam Railway Station
Service type Inter-city rail
Status Operating
Locale Andhra Pradesh
Current operator(s) South Central Railway, Indian Railways
Start Tirupati Junction
Stops 34
End Visakhapatnam
Distance travelled 736 km (457 mi)
Average journey time 14 hours 05 min
Service frequency Daily
On-board services
Class(es) Sleeper, Air-conditioned and Unreserved
Seating arrangements Indian Rail standard
Catering facilities Paid Food Service
Observation facilities Large windows in all carriages
Baggage facilities Below the seats
Rolling stock Two
Track gauge Broad
Operating speed 52 km/h
Route map
Tirumala Express Route map.jpg
Tirumala Express Route map showing the stops en route.

Tirumala Express[1] is popular train that shuttles between Visakhapatnam and Template:Rwsw. It Halts at 31 stations namely Nellore, Ongole, Tenali, Vijayawada, Eluru, Rajahmundry, Samalkot, Annavaram, Tuni, Anakapalle and Duvvada.


Its numv\ber is 17487[2] starts from Tirupati at 08:50 PM and reach Visakhapatnam at 10:55 AM (14 hrs 5 minutes) at an average speed of 52 km/h.

It is classified as an Express train in the Indian Railways classification list. It has 25 coaches including 2 luggage and 4 unreserved(*number of coaches may vary). There is a sleeper, second class, and tiers two and three.


  • Catering facilities have paid food service.
  • Sleeping arrangements are included.
  • Seating arrangements can be booked in advance except for unreserved coaches.


This is a popular train, but there are other trains such as:

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