Tirunelveli Junction railway station

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Tirunelveli Junction
திருநெல்வேலி சந்திப்பு
Indian Railway Station
Tirunelveli Junction.JPG
Main Entrance of Tirunelveli Station
Location Railway Feeder Road, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates 8°44′13″N 77°42′29″E / 8.737°N 77.708°E / 8.737; 77.708Coordinates: 8°44′13″N 77°42′29″E / 8.737°N 77.708°E / 8.737; 77.708
Owned by Indian Railways
Platforms 6
Tracks 6
Connections Taxi Stand
Parking Available
Bicycle facilities Available
Other information
Station code TEN
Fare zone Southern Railways
Electrified yes

Tirunelveli Junction railway station (Tamil:திருநெல்வேலி சந்திப்பு ரயில் நிலையம்) serves the city of Tirunelveli in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It produces profit for the Madurai Railway division. The Nellai Express, — a super-fast train connecting Tirunelveli and Chennai Egmore – runs packed almost throughout the year.[1] The station has six platforms. Tirunelveli Junction is coded as TEN. Any train passing through the station halts in Tirunelveli Junction station. It is one of the oldest[2] and popular stations in Indian Railway.[3] The most profit of the Southern Railways comes from ChennaiTirunelveli – Nagercoil section[4][5] (via Villupuram, Trichy, Madurai).

Important trains[edit]

The major trains at TIRUNELVELI JUNCTION(TEN):

Daily express trains[edit]

Nellai expresss kuruvayur express thirichenthur expresss


Train No. Train Name Origin Destination Service Route/Via.
12631/32 Nellai Express Tirunelveli Chennai Egmore Daily Madurai, Dindigul, Trichy, Villupuram, Chengalpattu, Tambaram
22627/28 Intercity Express Tirunelveli Tiruchchirapali Daily Madurai, Dindiugul
11021/22 Chalukya Express Tirunelveli Dadar Mon,Thu,Fri Madurai, Erode,Yesvantpur,Hubli,Pune
16787/88 Jammu Express Tirunelveli Jammu Tawi Mon,Fri Madurai,Tiruchchirapali,Vijayawada,Nagpur,Bhopal,Agra
22629/30 Dadar Express Tirunelveli Dadar Wed Madurai,Erode, Palakkad, Kannur, Mangalore, Madgaon, Panvel
16105/06 Tiruchendur Express Tiruchendur Chennai Daily Madurai,Tiruchchirappalli,Thanjavur,Mayiladuturai,Chidambaram,Villupuram
16351/52 Mumbai Express Nagercoil Mumbai Thu,Sun Madurai,Tiruchi,Chengalpattu,Tiruttani,Guntakal,Pune
16127/28[6] Guruvayur Express Guruvayur Chennai Daily Madurai,Tiruchi,Vridhachalam,Villupuram,Chengalpattu
16339/40 Mumbai Express Nagercoil Mumbai Mo,Tu,We,Fr Madurai,Erode,Krishnarajapuram,Guntakal,Wadi,Pune
12665/66[6] Howrah Express Kanyakumari Howrah Sat Madurai,Tiruchi,Chennai,Vijayawada,Visakhapatnam,Bhubaneswar,Kharagpur
16861/62[6] Puducherry Express Kanyakumari Puducherry Fri Virudunagar,Manamadurai,Karaikkudi,Tiruchchirappalli,Thanjavur,Mayiladuturai,Chidambaram,Villupuram
17235/36 Bangalore Express Nagercoil Bangalore Daily Madurai,Namakkal,Salem,Dharmapuri,Hosur
12667/68 ChennaiExpress Nagercoil Chennai Fri Madurai,Tiruchchirappalli,Vridhachalam,Villupuram,Chengalpattu
12633/34 Kanyakumari Express Kanniyakumari Chennai Daily Madurai,Tiruchchirappalli,Vridhachalam,Villupuram,Chengalpattu
16723/24 Ananthapuri Express Trivandrum Chennai Daily Madurai,Tiruchchirappalli,Vridhachalam,Villupuram,Chengalpattu
12641/42 Thirukural Express Kanniyakumari Nizamudin wed,Fri MDU,Tiruchi,ChennaiEgmore,Vijayawada,Nagpur,Bhopal,Agra
12689/90 Chennai Express Nagercoil Chennai Sun Madurai,Tiruchchirappalli,Erode,Salem,Jolarpettai,Katpadi,Arakkonam
16609/10 Coimbatore Express Nagercoil Coimbatore Daily Madurai,Karua,Erode,Tiruppur
22621/22[6] Rameswaram Express Kanyakumari Rameswaram Tue,Fri,Sun Virudunagar,Manamadurai,Paramakudi,Ramanathapuram
56700/01[7] Punalur Fast Passenger Punalur Madurai Daily Virudhunagar
22619/20 Bilaspur Express Tirunelveli Bilaspur Sun Nagercoil Town, Trivandrum,Ernakulam,Coimbatore,Vijayawada,Balharshah,Nagpur,Raipur
19577/78[6] Hapa Express Tirunelveli Hapa Mon,Tue NagercoilTown,Quilon,Kottayam,Ernakulam,Kozhikode,Mangalore,Madgon,Panvel,Surat,Vadodara,Ahmedabad

Daily passenger trains[edit]

  • 56821/56822 Tirunelveli – Mayiladuthurai – Erode Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – மயிலாடுதுரை – ஈரோடு பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56319/56320 Nagercoil – Coimbatore Fast Passenger நாகர்கோவில் – கோவை பாஸ்ட் பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56700/56701 – Madurai – Punalur Fast Passenger மதுரை – PUNALUR பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56761/56762 Tirunelveli – Thiruchendur Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – திருச்செந்தூர் பாசஞ்சர் [1]
  • 56763/56764 Tirunelveli – Thiruchendur Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – திருச்செந்தூர் பாசஞ்சர் [2]
  • 56765/56766 Tirunelveli – Thiruchendur Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – திருச்செந்தூர் பாசஞ்சர் [3]
  • 56828/56827 Tirunelveli – Tuticorin Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – தூத்துக்குடி பாசஞ்சர் [4]
  • 56312/56311 Tirunelveli – Kanyakumari Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – கன்னியாகுமரி பாசஞ்சர் [5]
  • 56767/56768 Tuticorin – Tirunelveli – Tiruchendur Passenger தூத்துக்குடி – திருநெல்வேலி – திருச்செந்தூர் பாசஞ்சர்[6]
  • 56801/56800 Tirunelveli – Tenkasi – Sengcottah Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – SENGOTTAI பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56797/56798 Tirunelveli – Tenkasi – Sengcottah Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – SENGOTTAI பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56799/56796 Tirunelveli – Tenkasi – Sengcottah Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – SENGOTTAI பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56803/56802 Tirunelveli – Tenkasi – Sengcottah Passenger திருநெல்வேலி – SENGOTTAI பாசஞ்சர்
  • 56770/56769 Tiruchendur – Palani Passenger திருச்செந்தூர் – பழனி


  • Computerised Reservation Centers
  • 24 hrs Call Taxi Stand
  • Fully access enabled Auto Stand
  • Cloak room
  • Food & Fruit Stalls
  • Telephone Booths
  • ATM Facilities
  • Retiring rooms A/C & Non A/C
  • Nellai plaza Veg. Restaurant
  • Wheel chairs for aged and sick passengers
  • Two Wheeler Parking
  • Four Wheeler Parking

Railway stations in Tirunelveli city[edit]

Station name Station code
Tirunelveli Junction TEN
Tirunelveli Town TYT
Palayamkottai PCO
Pettai PEA
Melapalayam MP
Thalaiyuthu TAY
Gangaikondan GDN
Sengulam SLGM
Seydunganallur SDNR
Cheranmadevi SMD


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