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Indian Railway Station
Location Chennai-Anantpur High way 205, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh
Coordinates 13°37′40″N 79°25′10″E / 13.6279°N 79.4194°E / 13.6279; 79.4194Coordinates: 13°37′40″N 79°25′10″E / 13.6279°N 79.4194°E / 13.6279; 79.4194
Elevation 150 m (492 ft)
Line(s) Renigunta-Katpadi line, West North Line, Chennai Suburban
Platforms 5
Tracks Broad gauge 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in)
Structure type Standard (on ground station)
Parking Available
Other information
Status Functioning
Station code TPTY
Zone(s) South Central Railway
Division(s) Guntakal
Electrified Yes
తిరుపతి  railway station is located in Andhra Pradesh
తిరుపతి  railway station
తిరుపతి railway station
Location in Andhra Pradesh

Tirupati Main railway station, located in the India state of Andhra Pradesh, serves Tirupati and the regular flow of large number of pilgrims visiting Tirumala Venkateswara Temple in Chittoor district.


A metre gauge line of South Indian Railway Company, opened in 1891, started from Villupuram in South Arcot district and passed through Katpadi and Chittoor to Pakala.[1] The Katpadi-Gudur line, covering Tirupati, has since been converted to broad gauge.[2]

Busy station[edit]

Tirupati Main railway station is amongst the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railway.[3]

Tirupati Railway Station Has Given A1 Category Station By South Central railways Whose annual Benchmark Earnings are above 60 Crores


Tirupati Railway Station has 5 Platforms and each can handle a train with more than 24 Coaches . Escelators are available at each and every platform . Tirupati Railway Station handle daily more than 45 Pairs of Passenger Trains .

Originating Trains[edit]

Originating Express Trains :

12707 Tpty-Nizamuddin [New Delhi] Ap samparkranti Sf Express M W F Departs 5:45

22856 Tpty-Santragachi [Kolkata] Sf Express M Departs 19:55

12765 Tpty- Amaravati Sf Express Tu Sa Departs 15:10

22880 Tpty- Bhubaneswar Sf Express Su Departs 12:45

22872 Tpty- Bhubaneswar Sf Express M Departs 12:45

17480 Tpty-puri Express M Tu W F Sa Departs 10:45

17482 Tpty-Bilaspur Express Su Th Departs 10:45

17416 Tpty-kolhapur Haripriya Express Daily Departs 21:00

17405 Tpty-Adilabad Krishna Express Daily Departs 5:25

12761 Tpty-Karimnagar Sf Express W Sa Departs 22:40

17430 Tpty-Hyderabad Rayalaseema Express Daily Departs 16:25

12733 Tpty-Secundrabad Narayanadri Sf Express Daily Departs 18:25

12763 Tpty-Secundrabad Padmavati Sf Express S M Tu F Sa Departs 17:00

12731 Tpty-Secundrabad Sf Express W Th Departs 16:40

12769 Tpty-Secundrabad 7 hills Sf Express M F Departs 15:10

22119 Tpty-kacheguda Doudle Deccer Sf Express Su Th Departs 5:45

22618 Tpty-Banglore Sf Express Su Tu F Departs 14:50

16204 Tpty-Chennai Garudadri Express Daily Departs 6:45

16054 Tpty-Chennai Express Daily Departs 10:10

16058 Tpty-Chennai Saptagiri Express Daily Departs 17:50

16779 Tpty-Rameswaram Express Su Tu F Departs 12:40

17407 Tpty-Mannargudi pamani Express Tu Th Sa Departs 10:40

22615 Tpty-Coimbattore Sf Express M W Th Sa Departs 14:50

17401 Tpty-Machilipatnam Express Daily Departs 19:40

17487 Tpty-Visakhapatnam Tirumala Express Daily Departs 20:50

17403 Tpty-Narsapur Link Express Daily Departs 19:40

Originating Passenger Trains :

57274 Tpty-Hubli Daily Departs 6:05

57257 Tpty-Kakinada Port Daily Departs 1:05

57429 Tpty-Gudur Daily Departs 6:30

57475 Tpty-Guntakal Daily Departs 8:15

57477 Tpty-Guntakal Daily Departs 22:30

57639 Tpty-Guntur Daily Departs 15:00

56214 Tpty-Chamaraja Nagar Daily Departs 21:35

56041 Tpty-Pandycherry Daily Departs 4:25

57403 Tpty-Katpadi Daily Departs 18:45

57405 Tpty-Katpadi Daily Departs 11:00

66022 Tpty-Chennai MEMU Daily Departs 5:10

66014 Tpty-Chennai MEMU Daily Departs 16:10

66048 Tpty-Chennai MEMU Daily Departs 17:20

77269 Tpty-Katpadi DEMU Daily Departs 2:45


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