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Tishma bangladeshi rockstar.jpg
Background information
Genres Hip-hop, rock, R&B, classical, alternative, Experimental
Occupations Singer, songwriter, musician, music composer
Instruments Vocals, piano, guitar, drums
Years active 2002—present
Website www.tishmaonline.com

Tishma is the most successful and well-known female rock music star in Bangladesh to date. She is also known as the "Rock Princess of Bengal" among her fans.[1][2][3][4] She is a teenage singer, music composer, songwriter, and rock musician. She is also a renowned music creator, arranger, guitarist, keyboardist, rapper, and hard rock singer, and is the first female music composer of Bangladesh.[2][4][5][6][7] She is well-known as a major pioneer and innovator in Bangladeshi popular music, and is noted for introducing many significant changes in the pop music arena in her country.[1][2][3][4]

Music career[edit]

Tishma has released ten solo albums to date, each of them successful chart-toppers with record-breaking sales as verified by Sangeeta, the audio company to which Tishma is signed.[3][5][8] Tishma's popularity is only paralleled by the older folk singer Mumtaz. Tishma made her debut as a child artist with her album "Tara" in late December 2002; therefore, sometimes her debut album is sometimes said to be released in 2003 by some [5][9] the album introduced a number of new music genres to Bangladesh, such as R&B, ballads and funk.[9] Tishma was signed with the well known soft drink brand Pepsi since her first album, and is the only female Bangladeshi artist to be signed by Pepsi; she was also the youngest artist ever to be signed by Pepsi [9]. Tishma has since been extremely influential to Bangla music trends; over the years, many artists have tried to closely follow and imitate Tishma's every aspect after watching Tishma's massive success as a highly innovative and experimental musician, although so far none have come close to achieving her level of fame and success to this date,[3][10] and Tishma's constant stream of contributions to music, choreography, music videos, fashion, stage and arts have inspired and continue to be followed by other Bangladeshi pop singers.[2][3][4][5][11][12][13] Tishma is viewed as a feminist icon in Bangladesh for her contributions to developments in women's music in the country.[12][1][4] Tishma is a singer, songwriter, music producer, DJ, and also plays a number of instruments such as piano, keyboards, drums and guitar.[14] Tishma is the youngest artist in Bangla music to have released ten solo albums.[4][15] She was one of the first Bangladeshi artists chosen to have music videos produced by MTV.[16][17][18] The first original English song by a Bangladeshi female artist, which was named "Shut Up, You're Not My) Boyfriend", was written, composed and sung by Tishma.[19] Tishma was the singer and music composer and producer of "Xperiment", the first album be composed in full by a female Bangladeshi music composer.[1][20][21] On 28 December 2013, Tishma released her most recent solo album "Hypnotized", which is fully tuned and composed by herself.[22][23][24][25][26][27] In 2014, Tishma is expected to release her 11th solo album, "Rockstar", which is written, tuned and composed by herself;[3][4][12][13][28][29][30] as per studio reports and television interviews, some of the songs in this new album will be rock, ballads, funk, slow and mellow rock; and the rest of the songs in this new album will be soft, slow, classical and melodious songs, at the request of fans who loved some of her softer classical mellow hits "De Re Na Na Megh Jhorana", "Projapoti" and so on.[3] A documentary video album of TishmA named "The Rock Princess - Xposed", which will include 5 new music videos of Tishma's songs, will also be released in 2013 or 2014.[3][31]

Education and biography[edit]

Tishma spent a large part of her early childhood in various countries of Europe,[2] and began her education in the UK.[2][32]

Originally a classically trained musician,[33] Tishma began her musical education at a very early age;[3][32] she was playing piano by age four,[33][34] and studied European Classical Music & Music Theory under ABRSM, London.[35] She also received talim (musical education) in Indian classical music from Ustad Shonjib De, Ustad Akhtar Sadmani & Shampa Reza among other Ustads, and studied Tagore songs (Rabindra Sangeet) from Dr. Anupam of Shantiniketan, and Nazrul Geeti and folk music under Ustads.[35][36] She has released songs in a variety of genres such as rock, Bangla folk, opera, rap, classical, experimental, alternative, Nazrul, Rabindra Sangeet and Adhunik.[2][3][5][32]

Alongside having released most of her albums while still just a schoolgirl, Tishma has scored record grades in academics, with 10 A's in O levels (in one sitting) and 5 A's in A levels.[2][37][38][39] In 2012 after releasing the album Xperiment, she has taken a break from media work in order to attend college, and she is currently studying engineering in college.[40]



  • Rockstar (2014)[41]
  • Hypnotized (2013)[26]
  • XoXo - ReLoadeD (2012)[42]
  • Xperiment (2011)[43]
  • X-Factor (2008)
  • Cholonar Daba (2007)[44]
  • Matir Putul (2006)
  • Sham Rakhi Na Kul Rakhi (2006)
  • Baula Prem (2005)
  • Shurjo (2004)
  • Chand (2003)
  • Tara (2002)

Video Albums[edit]

  • 2014 - The Rock Princess - Xposed (documentary. Releasing in 2014)[45]
  • 2010 - Projapoti
  • 2009 - Rock Rajkonna
  • 2008 - Mega Hitz of Tishma
  • 2007 - Chander Meye Josna
  • 2006 - Neel Chokh
  • 2006 - Matir Putul
  • 2005 - Prem
  • 2005 - Deewana
  • 2005 - Sham Rakhi Na Kul Rakhi
  • 2004 - Best of Tishma
  • 2004 - Digi Digi Dum Dum
  • 2003 - Chand
  • 2003 - Bashiwallah
  • 2002 - Pop Queen [46]

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