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Titanic is a rock band from Norway, which also included a British member in its line-up. It was first active from 1969 to 1979, and also reformed twice.


The group was made up of Kenny Aas, Kjell Asperud, John Lorck, Janne Løseth, Roy Robinson (lead singer) and for a short time around their chart success, John Williamson. They formed in 1969, and released several successful albums and singles before disbanding in 1979.

The main composer was the group founder Janne Loseth, with Roy Robinson supplying the primarily English language based lyrics. In October 1971 Titanic reached Number 5 in the UK Singles Chart, with their instrumental track, "Sultana".[1] It was performed in the style of the then popular band, Santana. The tune also appeared on their Titanic's album Sea Wolf.

However, due to a lack of other corresponding chart presence, Titanic are known as one-hit wonders.

In the late 1970s, Janne Loseth went solo and first released several singles, including "Take Me Down" (bw. "Nobody's Man"), and "I Wished I Was a Poet" (bw. "Dancing Girl"), which featured his powerful and operatic vocal, and then became the lead singer for a French electronic band called Space.

In the late 1990s, after leaving Space, Janne Loseth re-recruited Roy Robinson, and the duo released one album, Lower the Atlantic. This Titanic reunion was short lived.

In 2006, Janne Loseth reformed Titanic with three additional members: Mick Walker, Phil Wilton, and Didier Blum. He later opted to take Roy Robinson back on board and this quintet released the new single that same year, called "I'm the Law", which is available on DVD.

Their latest reunion album Ashes and Diamonds was released on 20 February 2009 in Europe.

In late 2009, Roy Robinson sustained a stroke, which caused him to leave the band, pending his possible recovery. Janne Loseth assumed the lead vocals. Robinson and Walker were replaced by two new members: Chris Kleiner and Jean-Pierre Sjoberg.



  • Titanic - 1970 - CBS Records
  • Sea Wolf - 1972 - CBS Records
  • Eagle Rock - 1973 - CBS Records
  • Ballad Of A Rock 'N Roll Loser - 1975 - CBS Records
  • Return Of Drakkar - 1977 - Egg Records
  • Eye Of The Hurricane - 1979 - Egg Records
  • Lower The Atlantic - 1993 - Metal Enterprises
  • Ashes and Diamonds - 2008 - Repertoire Records


  • "Sing Fool Sing" / "Sultana" - 1970 - CBS
  • "Santa Fé" - 1971 - CBS
  • "Rain 2000" - 1972 - CBS Holland
  • "Richmond Express" - 1973 - CBS France
  • "Macumba" - 1973 - CBS France
  • "Dance Baby Dance (Frisco Queen)" / "Hollywood (Oh La La)" - 1979 - Ariola, 107014 - Netherlands
  • "Iceberg"


Roy Robinson was briefly involved into Space project. However, the roles of Roy Robinson and Janny Loseth became reversed when Robinson wrote "The Very Last Song", which was sung by Loseth during 1983 Space tour.


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