Titov Vrv

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Titov Vrv
Golem Turčin (former name)
Titov vrv a Turcin.jpg
View of Titov Vrv (left) and Mal Turčin (right)
Elevation 2,748 m (9,016 ft)
Titov Vrv is located in Republic of Macedonia
Titov Vrv
Titov Vrv
Location of the peak
Location Republic of Macedonia
Range Šar Mountain
Coordinates 41°59′31″N 20°47′53″E / 41.99194°N 20.79806°E / 41.99194; 20.79806Coordinates: 41°59′31″N 20°47′53″E / 41.99194°N 20.79806°E / 41.99194; 20.79806

Titov Vrv (Macedonian: Титов Врв) is the highest peak in the Šar Mountain at 2,748 m. It is located about 13 mi (21 km) northwest of the Macedonian city of Tetovo near the border with Kosovo. The summit was named after former Yugoslav leader Josip Broz Tito. Its original name was Golem Turčin ("Big Turk"). In 1934 the peak was renamed Mount Alexander after the name of the Yugoslav King Alexander, who was killed in the same year. During the World War II the Bulgarian authorities restored its traditional name. After the establishment of the communist regime in Yugoslavia the peak was renamed after Tito. The name has remained unchanged even after the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Macedonia in 1991.


Each year on the last weekend of May, the mountain club "Ljuboten" organises climbing on this peak.[1]