Titus Sextius Cornelius Africanus

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Titus Sextius Cornelius Africanus also known as Titus Sextius Africanus[1] was a Roman Senator that lived in the Roman Empire in the second half of the 1st century and first half of the 2nd century.

Africanus was a member of the Roman Republican gens, Sextia. He was the son of Titus Sextius Magius Lateranus, who served as a consul in 94,[2] in the reign of Roman emperor Domitian from his wife, Volusia Torquata.

Africanus served as a consul in 112 with the Roman emperor Trajan.[3] Africanus married a Roman noblewoman from the gens, Vibia. With his wife, Africanus had

  • a daughter, Sextia (born c. 120) who married Appius Claudius Pulcher, a suffect consul of the 2nd century
  • a son, Titus Sextius Lateranus, who is also known by his full name T. Sextius Lateranus M. Vibius Ovel[lius?...] Secundus L. Vol[usius Torquatus?] Vestinus[4] or Titus Sextius… Marcus Vibius Qui[etus(?)] Secundus Lucius Vol[usius Torquatus (?)] Vestinus[5] who served as a consul in 154


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