Titus Sextius Magius Lateranus (consul 94)

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Titus Sextius Magius Lateranus[1] was a Roman Senator that lived in the Roman Empire in the second half of the 1st century and first half of the 2nd century.

Little is known on the origins of Lateranus who was a member of the Roman Republican gens, Sextia. Lateranus was related to the Roman Senator who participated in the census of Gaul of 62, Titus Sextius Africanus who served as a suffect consul in 59.[2] Lateranus served as a consul in 94,[1] in the reign of Roman emperor Domitian.

Lateranus married the Roman noblewoman Volusia Torquata[3] one of the children of the Roman Senator, consul Quintus Volusius Saturninus from his wife, Nonia Torquata.[3] Volusia bore Lateranus a son, called Titus Sextius Cornelius Africanus who served as a consul in 112.[4]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Sextus Pompeius Collega
Quintus Peducaeus Priscinus
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Lucius Nonius Calpurnius Torquatus Asprenas
Succeeded by
Domitianus Augustus XVII
Titus Flavius Clemens