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Tiwari (Sanskrit: तिवारी; Hindi: तिवारी) is a surname commonly found in Indian and Nepal.

About the surname[edit]

Its other forms are Tewari, Tewary, Tiwary, Tewaree, Tiwaree,Tewarey, , ' and '. It means "versed in three vedas". [1]

Notable people[edit]

Spiritual leaders[edit]

  • Maya Tiwari, known as Mother Maya and Sri Swami Mayatitananda, Guyanese is a spiritual leader, international speaker and author
  • Sahadeo Tiwari, religious scholar.

Civil service[edit]

  • Sanjeev Tripathi- former chief of RAW (30 Dec 2010 – 29 Dec 2012)
  • Sivakant Tiwari -former legal head officer of the Singapore Legal Service & head of the Ministry of Defence's legal department (1974), and head of the Attorney-General's Chambers' Civil Division (1987)

Science and medicine[edit]


Entertainment and beauty contest[edit]

Laxmi Ganesh Tewari, ethnomusicologist, singer performing, February 2007, photograph by Linnea Mullins



Manoj Tiwary about to catch a ball at fielding practice.



  1. ^ there used to be a long article in this section but I cannot see that now, maybe partially incorrect, you have removed useful information from this page. wish to see something more