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Tiyani is located in South Africa
 Tiyani shown within South Africa
Coordinates: 23°18′00″S 30°18′32″E / 23.300°S 30.309°E / -23.300; 30.309Coordinates: 23°18′00″S 30°18′32″E / 23.300°S 30.309°E / -23.300; 30.309
Country South Africa
Province Limpopo
District Vhembe
Municipality Makhado
 • Total 9.36 km2 (3.61 sq mi)
Population (2011)[1]
 • Total 9,715
 • Density 1,000/km2 (2,700/sq mi)
Racial makeup (2011)[1]
 • Black African 99.7%
 • Coloured 0.1%
 • Indian/Asian 0.1%
 • Other 0.1%
First languages (2011)[1]
 • Tsonga 96.5%
 • Other 3.5%

Tiyani is a village situated on the banks of the Middle Letaba Dam in the Hlanganani District of the former Gazankulu homeland and currently form part of the Vhembe District Municipality in the Limpopo province of South Africa.

Before Waterval, next to Elim Hospital was developed, Tiyani used to house the Hlanganani Regional court and the Hlanganani Police station. Now it is a site of Tiyani branch court, an outpost of Hlanganani Regional Court in Waterval, Elim. The Hlanganani Police station has remained at Tiyani, while the new Waterval Police Station was established by the Gazankulu Administration at Waterval township, next to Elim Hospital.

Officially the place is known as Tiyani, but the area is popularly known (by both the Venda and Shangaan people) as Magoro and was named after a Venda Chief Magoro, who occupied the area before the Tsonga people arrived. The Tsonga people arrived here as refugees from Mozambique during the wars of Manukosi, also known as Soshangane. Forced removal of Venda people took place during the 1960s when Tiyani was declared a Tsonga area and incorporated into Gazankulu homeland. Magoro was also a site where a group of 60 Boer commandos, directed by Joao Albasini and General Nwa-Manugu (the Commander in chief of Joao Albasini's Tsonga Army), attacked its people, massacred more than 300 people and killed Chief Magoro's son. The military campaign was carried out because chief Magoro had refused to pay tax levied by Joao Albasini and his continued support for King Makhado.

Borders of Tiyani Tiyani is bordered by Middle Letaba River on the south, Ntsuxi Village on the East, Ribungwani Village on the North, Masakona Village on the North West, Mamaila on the West and Olifantshoek (Holofani) on the South West.

Sections of Tiyani Tiyani consist of different Chiefdom's who were placed on the area after the removal of Magoro. These are Chief Xihimu, Chief Mdono, Chief Manghove, Chief Mangurwani and Chief Nkanyani. The names of the original sections are derived from the Chiefs name based on their section of settlement. Second generation sections were created with people from different chiefs depending on which Chief granted permission for the stand the stand owner will be a subject of that particular chief. The Second generation sections are Vata Fika (aka Tsema ra ha vona), Russia, Manyunyu, Hluvula Baji and Wisa Galaza.

Education Facilities There are a number of pre-school centres. Five Primary Schools are based at Tiyani namely: Goza Primary School; Kulani Primary School; Vulani Primary School, Vungela Primary School and Nkanyani Primary School. Secondary Education is catered for by Four schools namely: Akani High School, Mahlorhi High School, Tiyani Secondary School and N'wamalobye High School.

Health Facilities Two health facilities are available to cater for the community, a clinic in the eastern side at Xihimu Section and a health center on the western side.

Economic Activities Large scale subsistence farming is practiced at Tiyani with small scale commercial farming taking place. Some businesses developed as a results of farming like Mill grinding where maize are being grinned into Mealie-meal. Different business can be found in the area with some being specialty business like Jan Road Glazing Shop, Tiyani Book Shop, Tiyani Dairy shop, Mathye welding worx Diza Butchery, Toy Tyres. Mamba Complex host the biggest supermarket in the area, there are variety of supermarkets, Spaza Shops and a number of street vendors.

A number of ATM's can be found in the village representing some of the top national banks.


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