Tošin Bunar

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Tošin Bunar
Тошин Бунар
Улица Тошин Бунар.jpg
Country Serbia
City Belgrade
Municipality Novi Beograd

Tošin Bunar (Serbian Cyrillic: Тошин Бунар) is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Novi Beograd.

Tošin Bunar generally refers to an area alongside the Tošin Bunar Street, over 3 km long meridionally stretched street that connects Bežanija, Novi Beograd and Zemun. It begins at Bežanijska Kosa and also passes between the neighborhoods of Studentski Grad (where it crosses the European route E75 with large interchange), Kalvarija and Paviljoni, while in the end, through the short Ivićeva and Bežanijska streets, it enters the center of Zemun.

As a neighborhood, the name is usually applied for a section on the left side of the street, in Novi Beograd's Block 6, south of Kalvarija. It is a rural-like neighborhood with small residential houses with backyards, which leave an impression of almost being dug into the yellow loess ridge of Bežanijska Kosa, quite visible in this section and whose eastern border the Tošin Bunar street generally follows. With such characteristics, it makes quite a contrast to the rest of Novi Beograd, especially coming from the direction of Fontana or Studenski Grad through the AVNOJ Boulevard or Pariske komune street (Paris Commune street).

Since 2005, the corner of the Tošin Bunar street and the Third Boulevard (Block 37) is in the process of becoming a major commercial area. Third Boulevard for decades was a dead end street as many families had temporary refuge in a barracks remained after the street's construction and disconnecting the two streets. Dispute was settled in 2005 and the Third Boulevard was extended to reach the Tošin Bunar street.

The name, Tošin Bunar, is Serbian for Toša's well and it was named after Teodor Toša Apostolović (1745–1810), Serbian merchant and philanthropist who donated the land between Bežanija and Zemun to the Serbian church municipality of Zemun.


Coordinates: 44°50′N 20°24′E / 44.833°N 20.400°E / 44.833; 20.400