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Coordinates: 15°49′S 146°00′W / 15.817°S 146.000°W / -15.817; -146.000

NASA picture of Toau Atoll.

Toau, Pakuria, or Taha-a-titi is a coral atoll in French Polynesia, one of the Palliser Islands (Îles Pallisier). Toau has a wide lagoon; length 35 km, width 18 km. The nearest land is Fakarava Atoll, located 14 km to the Southeast.

Toau Atoll is almost uninhabited. It has a population of only about forty people, who mostly depend on fishing for their livelihood. The main village is called Maragai.

Historical facts[edit]

Captain James Cook was the first recorded European to sight the atoll, in April 1774. In some maps Toau appears as "Elizabeth".


Toau Atoll belongs to the commune of Fakarava, which consists of Fakarava, as well as the atolls of Aratika, Kauehi, Niau, Raraka, Taiaro and Toau.


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