Toba Qom language

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Not to be confused with Toba-Maskoy language.
Native to Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia
Ethnicity Toba people
Native speakers
40,000  (2007)[1]
  • Southern
    • Toba
Language codes
ISO 639-3 tob
Glottolog toba1269[2]

Toba is a Guaicuruan language spoken in South America by the Toba people. In Argentina it is most widely dispersed in the east of Formosa and Chaco Provinces where the majority of the approximately 19,810 (2000 WCD) speakers of Toba reside. Other names for the language include: Chaco Sur, Qom, Toba Qom, and Toba Sur. The language is distinct from Toba-Pilagá and Paraguayan Toba-Maskoy. There are also 146 Toba speakers in Bolivia where it is known as Qom and in Paraguay where it is also known as Qob or Toba-Qom.


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