Tobias Verhaecht

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Tobie Verhaecht in Het Gulden Cabinet p 47
Tobias Verhaecht, Landscape with St John the Evangelist at Patmos, Oil on panel, 1598

Tobias Verhaecht (1561–1631) was a painter and draughtsman active in Antwerp, Florence and Rome. Primarily a landscape painter, his style is indebted to mannerist world landscapes of artists like Joachim Patinir with high viewpoints, fantastic distant perspectives and three-colour scheme.

Verhaecht was born in Antwerp. Before he entered the city's guild of St. Luke in 1590–91, he had already spent time in Italy, first in Florence, and then as a fresco painter in Rome. Peter Paul Rubens, who was a relative by marriage, studied with him around 1592, and another student was his own son, Willem van Haecht. Verhaecht is also known for his designs for prints.


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