Tobias and the Angel (Verrocchio)

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Tobias and the Angel
Verrocchio workshop - Tobias and the Angel - NG.jpg
Artist Andrea del Verrocchio
Year 1470–1480
Type Egg tempera on poplar
Location National Gallery, London

Tobias and the Angel is an altar painting, finished around 1470–1480, attributed to the workshop of the Italian Renaissance painter Andrea del Verrocchio. It is housed in the National Gallery, London. This painting is similar to an earlier painting depicting Tobias and the Angel, by Antonio del Pollaiolo.

According to Oxford art historian Martin Kemp, Leonardo da Vinci, who was a member of Verrocchio's studio, may have painted some part of this work, most likely the fish. David Alan Brown, of the National Gallery in Washington, attributes the painting of the fluffy little dog to him as well. If so, this would be perhaps the first extant example of a painting with input by Leonardo.

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