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Toca 511 & Toca FC

Toca 511, the key novel component of Tocagen's [1] first Product Candidate (Toca 511 & Toca FC),[2] was developed using Controlled Active Gene Transfer (CAGT) technology.[3] The CAGT platform is a Retroviral Replicating Vector (RRV) that carries the complete complement of viral genes (gag, pol, env) which allow viral replication and subsequent delivery of a therapeutic gene throughout a tumor.[4]

Toca 511 is intended to be used in combination with Toca FC. Toca FC is a novel extended-release tablet containing 5-FC (flucytosine).

Toca 511 & Toca FC is being investigated in a Phase I/II clinical trial for the treatment of recurrent high grade glioma (HGG) brain cancer, including glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).[5]


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