Toccio the Angel

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Toccio the Angel
Toccio Angel.jpg
Cover of Toccio the Angel
Author Akira Toriyama
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Genre Children
Publisher Shueisha
Publication date
February 2003
ISBN 4-08-780347-3

Toccio the Angel (てんしのトッチオ Tenshi no Tocchio?) is a Japanese children's book created by Akira Toriyama.


The story is about a lovable and grumpy angel named Toccio (who heavily resembles Majin Boo). He is in Heaven and loves to play, but hates to study. The Big Boss gets tired of his antics, and commands him to help people out or he will lose his place in Heaven.


Toriyama wrote this story years before its original publication. It was intended for his children, but since he was so busy he worked intermittently on the story until his kids reached junior/high school. Toriyama stated this in the American version of Shonen Jump in an interview.[volume & issue needed] In Japan, it was released in February 2003. It was published in full color by Shueisha.

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