Tocoma Dam

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Tocoma Dam
Tocoma Dam is located in Venezuela
Tocoma Dam
Location of Tocoma Dam
Official name Manuel Piar Hydroelectric Power Plant
Country Venezuela
Coordinates 7°54′25″N 63°01′35″W / 7.90694°N 63.02639°W / 7.90694; -63.02639Coordinates: 7°54′25″N 63°01′35″W / 7.90694°N 63.02639°W / 7.90694; -63.02639
Status Under construction
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Composite, rock-fill/gravity
Impounds Caroní River
Height 65 m (213 ft)
Length Gravity section: 360 m (1,180 ft)
Rock-fill section: 1,800 m (5,906 ft)
Concrete-face rock-fill section: 3,800 m (12,500 ft)
Spillway capacity 28,750 m3/s (1,015,000 cu ft/s)
Total capacity 1,770,000,000 m3 (1,430,000 acre·ft)
Surface area 87 km2 (34 sq mi)
Normal elevation 127 m (417 ft)
Power station
Commission date 2015 est.
Hydraulic head 34.65 m (113.7 ft)
Turbines 10 x 230 MW (310,000 hp) Kaplan-type
Installed capacity 2,300 MW (3,100,000 hp)
Annual generation 12,100 GWh (44,000 TJ)

The Manuel Piar Hydroelectric Power Plant (Tocoma Dam) is under construction and it is the last hydroelectric development project in the Lower Caroní River Basin of Venezuela. The project includes the installation of 2,300 megawatts (3,100,000 hp) MW to generate an annual average energy of 12,100 gigawatt-hours (44,000 TJ). Ten Kaplan generator units, of 230 megawatts (310,000 hp), manufactured by Argentinian company IMPSA, were predicted to begin operations between 2012 and 2014.[2] The first generator was installed but not yet commissioned in April 2012.[3] These units had the world record as of 2012 in power generation at nominal head for Kaplan turbines. The diameter of the runner is 8.6 metres (28 ft) and nominal head is 34.65 metres (113.7 ft) with claimed output up to 232 megawatts (311,000 hp).[4]