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Cerros de Tocorpuri
Cerros de tocorpuri.jpg
View from the south-west.
Elevation 5,808 m (19,055 ft)
Location Bolivia-Chile
Range Andes
Coordinates 22°26′20″S 67°53′15″W / 22.43889°S 67.88750°W / -22.43889; -67.88750Coordinates: 22°26′20″S 67°53′15″W / 22.43889°S 67.88750°W / -22.43889; -67.88750
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption Unknown

Cerros de Tocorpuri is a volcanic complex located along the border between Bolivia and Chile. Cerros de Tocorpuri's summit crater has a diameter of 1.4 km. On its west side lies a rhyolite lava dome called Cerro La Torta (Cake Hill), named so because of its cylindrical cake shape. Cerro La Torta has a volume of about 5 cu km and the height of this lava dome above the surrounding terrain is about 450 m. Its steep sides are covered with scree and its top surface is bumpy-ridged.

The complex is located at about 30 km. from the El Tatio geothermal field.

FLTR: Tatio Volcano, Cerros de Tatio, Cerro La Torta, Cerros de Tocorpuri. Camera location: 22°33'12"S, 67°51'14"W

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