Todd Weiler

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Todd Weiler
Senator Todd Weiler
Member of the Utah Senate
from the 23rd district
Assumed office
Personal details
Political party Republican Party
Residence Woods Cross, Utah
Alma mater Brigham Young University
Occupation Attorney, Businessman

Todd Weiler (born 1967) is a Republican member of the Utah State Senate. Weiler holds a bachelors degree in business and a law degree both from Brigham Young University. He lives in Woods Cross, Utah. Weiler was first appointed to the state senate in January 2012.

Early life, education, and career[edit]

Weiler received his Business Degree from Brigham Young University and continued on to get his J.D. from Brigham Young University's J. Reuben Clark Law School.[1] Senator Weiler is affiliated with the Utah Bar (which he passed himself) and is associated with the Utah League of Cities and Towns. [1] Weiler is an attorney by profession.[1] Weiler has worked in-house for Logistics Specialties, Inc.[2] He served as Vice President of Legal and General Counsel, where he manages a small business unit and conducts all in-house legal needs.[2]

Weiler has been married to his wife Elizabeth since 1991.[3] They have four children in public schools. [3] Weiler is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[4]

Political career[edit]

Weiler was appointed to his Senate seat on January 13, 2012 by the Governor.[1] Before his job as Senator, Weiler was a member of Woods Cross City Council.[1] He also served as a delegate from 1999-2011, on the Rob Bishop for Congress Finance Committee, on the Utah GOP State Central Committee, as Davis County Republican Party Chair and as Utah GOP Vice Chair.[3]

In 2014, Weiler was on the following committees:

  • Retirement and Independent Entities Appropriations Subcommittee (Senate Chair)
  • Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee
  • Senate Business and Labor Committee
  • Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee
  • Senate Retirement and Independent Entities Committee (Chair)
  • Senate Rules Committee


Pivotal Bills[edit]

Weiler is the main proponent of a proposal to make the Utah Attorney General an appointed position.[5] Weiler argues that if the attorney general were appointed he would be the best lawyer, not the best politician. [5] He also argues having the attorney general collect campaign contributions creates potential conflicts of interest.[5] In 2014, Weiler sponsored S.J.R. 3 Joint Resolution Regarding Attorney General to try and fix this problem, but the bill did not pass.[6]

In 2014, Weiler also sponsored S.B. 229 Fourth Substitute Adoption Act Amendments, which helps give fathers more rights if a mother is putting the child up for adoption.[7] This bill passed and was signed by the governor.[7] He also ran S.B. 227 Exposure of Children to Pornography, which provides that a district court shall consider, when determining child custody in a separation or divorce, whether the parent has intentionally exposed the child to pornography or material harmful to a child; this bill also passed.[8]

2014 sponsored legislation[edit]

Bill Number Bill Title Bill Status
S.B. 14 Long-term Care Partnership Governor Signed 3/29/2014
S.B. 15 Reemployment Restrictions Amendments Governor Signed 3/29/2014
S.B. 28 Utah Retirement Amendments Governor Signed 3/3/2014
S.B. 90 S001 Residency Amendments Governor Signed 3/31/2014
S.B. 97 S003 Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments Senate/filed 3/13/2014
S.B. 137 S001 Health Care Professional Truth in Advertising Governor Signed 3/28/2014
S.B. 142 Small Employer Health Insurance Amendment Held in Rules Committee
S.B. 143 S001 Nail Technician Practice Amendments Governor Signed 3/28/2014
S.B. 173 S001 Child Protection Amendments Governor Signed 3/20/2014
S.B. 189 Residence Lien Restriction Amendments Governor Signed 3/28/2014
S.B. 196 S001 Medical Waste Incineration Prohibition Governor Signed 3/29/2014
S.B. 200 Tax Credit for Employer Purchase of Public Transit Pass Senate/filed 3/13/2014
S.B. 221 S001 Indigent Counsel in Juvenile Court Governor Signed 3/31/2014
S.B. 222 Automatic License Plate Reader System Amendments Governor Signed 3/31/2014
S.B. 227 Exposure of Children to Pornography Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 229 S004 Adoption Act Amendments Governor Signed 4/1/2014
S.B. 267 S001 Governmental Immunity Act Amendments Governor Signed 3/29/2014
S.J.R. 3 Joint Resolution Regarding Attorney General Senate/filed 3/13/2014


Weiler also floor sponsored the following bills:



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