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A Toho Bank branch in Fukushima City, Japan

The Toho Bank, Ltd. (東邦銀行 in Japanese) is a Japanese bank that is headquartered in Fukushima city, Fukushima prefecture. Toho Bank also operates some branches outside of Fukushima prefecture, with branches in Utsunomiya, Miyagi Prefecture, and Tokyo, among others.


The Toho Bank emerged in its present form in 1941 through a merger of three regional banks as a part of Japan’s wartime economic planning. The bank merged with several other small regional banks throughout the 1940s. Like several other Japanese regional banks around the end of the Japanese bubble economy, the Toho Bank opened up branches in New York and Hong Kong in 1990 and 1992, respectively. Both of these branches were closed in the late 1990s. While the bank has recently made advances in reducing its burden of non-performing loans and increasing its capital-adequacy ratio, it has recently been cited by the Japanese Financial Services Agency for excessive incidences of misplacing customer information.

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