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Tokay may refer to:

  • Tokaji wine (formerly spelled Tokay in English), wines produced in the Tokaj wine region (also Tokaj-Hegyalja wine region or Tokaj-Hegyalja) of Hungary
  • Tokaj (Slovakia), wine region in South-Eastern Slovakia and wines produced in that region.
  • Grape varieties:
    • Muscadelle, called Tokay in Australia
    • Tocai Friulano or Tocai, another name for Sauvignon vert in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia wine region in Italy
    • Tokay d'Alsace, obsolete name for Pinot gris grapes in Alsace. As a temporary measure, Alsace wine produced from Pinot gris was labelled Tokay-Pinot gris
    • Tokay (grape), an alternative name for the Hungarian wine grape Furmint
    • Viura, Spanish wine grape with Tokay as a synonym
    • Catawba (grape), an American grape with Tokay as a synonym

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