Tokushima Station

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Tokushima Station
Tokushima Station M3745.jpg
Tokushima Station Entrance
Prefecture Tokushima
(See other stations in Tokushima)
City Tokushima
Rail services
Station number(s) M00, T00
Operator(s) JR Shikoku
Line(s) Mugi Line, Kōtoku Line
Tokushima Station
The platform at Tokushima Station

Tokushima Station (徳島駅 Tokushima-eki?) is a JR Shikoku railway station located in Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture, Japan.[1]


Tokushima Station belongs to:

In addition, there are trains that directly go to:

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
JR Shikoku
Kōtoku Line Line
Terminus - Sako
Mugi Line
Terminus - Awa-Tomida


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Coordinates: 34°4′28″N 134°33′4″E / 34.07444°N 134.55111°E / 34.07444; 134.55111