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Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It may also refer to:

City and Prefecture[edit]

The history of Tokyo includes

Places in Tokyo include

  • Special wards of Tokyo, 23 urban wards occupying the site of historical Edo and the former city of Tokyo
  • Tokyo, the administrative region of present-day Tokyo, including the large western region and Pacific islands
  • Greater Tokyo Area, a metropolitan area with Tokyo at its center and including parts of the surrounding prefectures


  • Tokyo Rose, a generic name given by Allied forces in the South Pacific during World War II to any of approximately a dozen English-speaking female broadcasters of Japanese propaganda.
    • Iva Toguri D'Aquino, also known as Tokyo Rose, a US citizen accused of being a Japanese propagandists during World War II
  • Tokyo Sexwale, a South African businessman and former politician


  • 498 Tokio is an asteroid discovered by Shin Hirayama and named for Tokyo, the astronomer's native city (spelled according to an older romanization).


  • Tokyo-Ga, a 1985 film by Wim Wenders
  • Tokyo!, a 2008 film by Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Bong Joon-ho




  • Tokyo is a beer brewed by Scottish brewers BrewDog
  • Tokyō, a bracketing system used in Japanese architecture

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