Tokyo Boys & Girls

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Tokyo Boys & Girls
TokyoBG vol1.jpg
Cover of Japanese volume 1
(Tōkyō Shōnen Shōjo)
Genre Romance
Written by Miki Aihara
Published by Shogakukan
English publisher Canada United States Viz Media
Demographic Shōjo
Magazine Betsucomi
Original run 20032004
Volumes 5
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Tokyo Boys & Girls (東京少年少女 Tōkyō Shōnen Shōjo?) is a Shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Miki Aihara. This story revolves around the main character Mimori Kosaka.

The first tankōbon volume of Tokyo Boys & Girls was first released by Shogakukan in Japan on March 1995.[1] The manga was also translated into English and published by Viz Media.[2] In total, 5 tankōbon volumes of this manga series was published.


Mimori Kosaka is accepted into Meidai Attached High School, which is her dream school because students there get to wear the school's very fashionable uniform. Although Mimori looks forward to enjoying the first year of her high school life, things do not go the way that she had anticipated.

At the school, Mimori befriends Nana. She also discover that her childhood friend Haruta, is also a student at the school. However, instead of being friends, Haruta is seeking revenge against her. A love triangle also develops when Nana start to take a liking towards Kuniyasu, who in turn has feelings for Mimori. However, Mimori only likes Haruta, and things get complicated.


Mimori Kosaka (香坂美森 Kōsaka Mimori?)
The heroine of the story and a classmate of Haruta Atsushi in elementary school. She fell in love with Haruta when they met again in high school.
Haruta Atsushi (暑しはるた Atsushi Haruta?)
The hero of the story and a classmate of Mimori when they were in elementary school. He was known as 'Haru-chan' in elementary school since he looked like a girl then. He also developed feelings for Mimori ever since their elementary school days. Haruta becomes jealous when another boy gave Mimori his button at their graduation ceremony, and he says that he was betrayed by Mimori. After that, Haruta became a delinquent and changed his look after being "rejected" by Mimori. It is hinted that he likes Mimori because when Mimori cuts her finger and Kuniyasu sucks her finger to relieve her pain, Haruta gets mad at Kuniyasu.
Nana Takaichi (高市七 Takaichi Nana?)
Kosaka's first friend in high school. She is a very popular girl amongst the boys in school since her junior high days. She is madly in love with Kuniyasu, though she had once dated a college student.
Kuniyasu Kazukita (数北国安 Kazukita Kuniyasu?)
A brainy and popular student who is also a playboy. Mimori is the first girl that he had actually fallen in love with, and he tries everything to make Mimori like him.
Ran Shingyogi (寝具宵らん Shingyogi Ran?)
A friend of Kuniyasu since their junior high school days. He is in love with Nana and tries very hard to win her heart.



No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
1 March 1995[1] ISBN 978-4-09-136381-7 July 5, 2005[3] ISBN 978-1-42-150020-1
2 May 1995[4] ISBN 978-4-09-136382-4 October 4, 2005[5] ISBN 978-1-42-150021-8
3 September 1995[6] ISBN 978-4-09-136383-1 January 3, 2006[7] ISBN 978-1-42-150202-1
4 January 1996[8] ISBN 978-4-09-136384-8 April 4, 2006[9] ISBN 978-1-42-150400-1
5 June 1996[10] ISBN 978-4-09-136385-5 July 5, 2006[11] ISBN 978-1-42-150589-3


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