Tolhuaca National Park

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Tolhuaca National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Laguna Verde Tolhuaca.jpg
Laguna Verde
Location La Araucanía Region, Chile
Nearest city Curacautín
Coordinates 38°12′0″S 71°50′0″W / 38.20000°S 71.83333°W / -38.20000; -71.83333Coordinates: 38°12′0″S 71°50′0″W / 38.20000°S 71.83333°W / -38.20000; -71.83333
Area 65.8 km²
Established 1935
Governing body Corporación Nacional Forestal

Tolhuaca National Park (Spanish pronunciation: [tolˈwaka]) is a national park in the La Araucanía Region of southern Chile. It encompasses part of the forested lower western spurs and foothills of the Andes. Adjoining the park to the north is Malleco National Reserve. The park has an elevation of 700–1,821 m (2,297–5,974 ft) asl. It includes small lakes and numerous ponds, among them the Laguna Malleco and the Laguna Verde. Malleco River's source is located within the park, and Tolhuaca volcano is situated in the vicinity of the park.[1]

Park's forests include tree species in pure stands such as Araucaria araucana, Nothofagus obliqua and coihue. Mammal species include the cougar, coypu, chilla and kodkod.[1] Frog Alsodes igneus is only known from the Tolhuaca National Park, its type locality.[2]


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