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Toll Global Forwarding
Industry Logistics
  • 1888 (predecessor)
  • 1986 (as Toll Holdings)
  • 1993 (public company)
Headquarters Global network
Area served
Global Pacific Region
Products International freight forwarding and advanced supply chain management services
Increase A$306.2 million (2014) [1]

Increase A$15.3 million (2014) [1]

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Parent Toll Holdings
Slogan Providing Global Logistics

Toll Global Forwarding (TGF) is a division of the Toll Group. It has eight business units: Americas; Australia and New Zealand; Greater China; South Africa and Zambia; United Kingdom and Ireland; Mainland Europe; Middle East and Indian Sub Continent; and South East Asia. It provides international freight forwarding and supply chain management services that range from complex supply chain services through to port-to-port freight forwarding movements.[2] Headquartered in Hong Kong, it has a global network of over 70 offices in over 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe, North America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East.[2]

In the 2013 financial year Toll Global Forwarding transacted an ocean freight volume of 456,000 TEU's and an air freight volume 120,000 tonnes.[1] TGF is the largest freight forwarder (in total twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) volume) to Asia.

Geographic Reach[edit]

In 2012 TGF reported they had more than 120 offices in 30 countries and about 5,500 employees.[3] More specifically for the same year, Toll reported they had over 1,580 staff and 75 facilities in Asia and over 1,140 staff and 55 facilities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.[3]

The division’s global reach is to more than 220 countries and territories.[2] Geographically, it is divided into four regions: Asia; Australasia; Americas; and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.[2] A key of strategy of the division is to grow scale, reach and capability through acquisition. A number of companies have been acquired in recent years.

In 2011 a representative from Toll indicated they had made several key acquisitions in the US, Europe and Middle East to strengthen their air freight network.[4]

In 2011 Toll acquired SAT Albatros (SAT), a Dubai based provider of sea-air services.[5] The business was acquired to further cement Toll’s strategic position in the Middle East and in the Asia to Europe trade lane.[5] SAT Albatros had strong links in Europe, particularly in Germany.[5]

In 2010 Toll acquired United States freight forwarder Summit Logistics.[6] Summit provided ocean freight services on the trans-Pacific route between China and North America.[6]

In 2010 they acquired WT SeaAir and Genesis Forwarding.[7] The acquisitions added significant scale to the Toll Global Forwarding division in Europe.[7] The acquisitions multiplied the division’s existing business ten-fold.[7]

In 2009 Toll acquired Logistic Distribution Systems (LDS), a Dubai-based international freight forwarding company.[8] The company provided domestic transport and logistics services as well as an integrated international sea and airfreight forwarding service through an extensive operational platform in Dubai and internationally through key European and Asian trade lanes.[8]

In 2009 Toll acquired Express Logistics Group (ELG), one of New Zealand’s largest freight forwarding companies.[9] The Express Logistics Group operated 12 freight forwarding branches across New Zealand, Australia and the US.[9] Predominantly its revenues came from trans-Tasman trade and Australian and New Zealand freight movements from Greater China.[9]

In 2008 Toll acquired BALtrans Logistics to provide a platform to strengthen Toll Global Forwarding’s network in the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and North America.[10]


Toll has a specialised fleet to transport perishable freight.

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