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Toll Global Logistics
Industry Logistics
  • 1888 (predecessor)
  • 1986 (as Toll Holdings)
  • 1993 (public company)
Headquarters Asia Pacific Region
Area served Asia Pacific Region
Products Automotive
Customised Solutions
Contract Logistics Australia
Revenue Increase A$1.266 billion (2013) [1]
Net income

Increase A$89.0 million (2013) [1]

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Parent Toll Holdings
Toll 737 aircraft.
Toll Liquids 20m tanker.
Toll Fairchild SA-227AC Metro III aircraft.

Toll Global Logistics (TGL) is a division of the Toll Group and is the specialist contract logistics division of the Group.[2] It has six business units: Automotive; Customised Solutions; and Contract Logistics Australia, Government Business Group, Singapore; North Asia; and South and South East Asia. The division offers a range of transport, warehousing and value-added services including: freight transport services, distribution services, warehousing, cross docking, wharf services, supply chain services and finished parts logistics.[3] Services are provided in the Asia Pacific region.[3] To extend the service offered by Contract Logistics Australia to the heavy haulage sector, Toll acquired Nationwide Transport Solutions in December 2013.[4]


The division operates a fleet of air, sea, rail and road vehicles and vessels. The fleet has more than 19,000 vehicles including courier trucks, prime movers, b-doubles, and trailers; and 13,000 units of containers, ships, vessels and aeroplanes operating across the Asia Pacific region. In Singapore specifically, TGL was reported in 2011 as owning small cargo ships, which ferry container trucks to and from nearby ports in neighbouring Malaysia and Indonesia and a fleet of trucks consisting of about 70 Hino, Fuso and UD prime movers that have roughly seven single trailers for each mover.[5] In Vietnam TGL has over 300 trucks.

Geographic Reach[edit]

The division has over 600 facilities in 16 countries and employs about 10,000 people. Its focus is on providing localised supply chain logistics. The division links into the broader parts of Toll for cross-border supply chain requirements and specialty services.[6]

In China Toll can deliver within 48 hours to 70 percent of the cities in Pan-China region. In Taiwan Toll can deliver within 24 hours to 90% of the island-wide points of delivery. In Thailand Toll can deliver to all provinces within 72 hours.[7]

In Indonesia it has six distribution centres and in Korea the division has two centres. In Vietnam Toll has 15 sites. In Thailand TGL has over 4,000 drop points. In 2010, Toll Global Logistics was reported as operating a network of 23 logistics facilities with more than 20 distribution centres and delivering to more than 1,600 cities across China.[8]

Warehousing and Storage[edit]

TGL has warehousing and storage facilities. In India it manages over 1.7 million sq ft of warehouse space, in Indonesia the division has over 19,000 sq mtr of space and in Korea the division has approximately 4,000 s qm of warehousing space. In Australia, in 2012 Customised Solutions opened a new warehousing facility in Yennora in western Sydney. The facility was purpose built to cater for the distribution needs of Optus and has 10,000 sq m of warehouse space and approximately 1,250 sq m of office space.[9] In 2012 Customised Solutions also opened a facility at Monaro which will have 6,000 sq m of warehouse space, 1,050 sq m of mezzanine warehouse space and 300 sq m of office space.[10]

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