Tomás Berreta

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Juan José de Amézaga Landaraso
29th President of Uruguay
In office
March 1 of 1947 – August 2 of 1947
Vice President Luis Batlle Berres
Preceded by Juan José de Amézaga
Succeeded by Luis Batlle Berres
Personal details
Born November 22 of 1875
Montevideo, Uruguay
Died August 2 of 1947 (aged 72)
Montevideo, Uruguay
Political party Colorado Party
Spouse(s) Juanita Etchemendy
Children Blanca Ana, Rivera, Sarandi, María, Tabare

Tomás Berreta Gandolfo (November 22 of 1875 – August 2 of 1947) was the President of Uruguay for five months in 1947.


Having been an activist in the Uruguayan Colorado Party since 1896, for a number of years he was active in local politics and served as Intendent of Canelones in the early part of the 20th Century.

He later served in the government of President Juan José de Amézaga.

Berreta was thus a prominent, elderly member of the Uruguayan Colorado Party which had ruled the country for long periods, when he stood for election as President, with a view to succeeding the sitting President of Uruguay, Juan José de Amézaga, who was younger than he by several years.[1]

President of Uruguay[edit]

March 1947 inauguration[edit]

Berreta was inaugurated as President of Uruguay on 1 March 1947.

Death and succession[edit]

Berreta died in office barely five months later on 2 August 1947.

The Vice President of Uruguay during Berreta's short Presidency was Luis Batlle Berres. Subsequently, Berres succeeded Berreta as President of Uruguay.

See also[edit]

  • (Photo) President Berreta (right, seated) and President Harry S. Truman (left, seated) at a meeting in 1947: [1]


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Preceded by
Juan José de Amézaga
President of Uruguay
Succeeded by
Luis Batlle Berres