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David Thomas
Born 1958-1959[1][2]
Pen name Tom Cain
Occupation Author
Language English
Nationality British
Education Philosophy and History of Art
Alma mater University of Cambridge
Genres Thriller
Notable work(s) Samuel Carver series
Notable award(s) Young Journalist of the Year[1]

David Thomas (born 1958-1959, Moscow), better known by the pen name Tom Cain,[1][4] is an English journalist and author of a series of thriller novels based around the fictional character Samuel Carver.


For the first few years of his life he lived in Moscow and has also lived in Washington DC and Havana, Cuba. Cain spent 25 years as a journalist,[5] working for publications such as Punch, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday.[1]


Samuel Carver series[edit]


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