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Thomas Grady Cousins (born December 1931) is a real estate developer, sports supporter and philanthropist, primarily based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Commercial career[edit]

Cousins graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in 1952 from the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia in Athens. He and his father started their real-estate company in 1958. During the 1960s, Tom Cousins moved from real-estate to property development and sports franchising.[1]

He developed buildings such as the CNN Center, the Omni Coliseum, 191 Peachtree Tower, the Pinnacle Building in Buckhead and the first phase of the Georgia World Congress Center.[2] He and competitor John Portman completely remade downtown Atlanta in the 1970s and 1980s.

He also helped revive and redesign the home course of golfing great Bobby Jones, East Lake Golf Club, which had fallen into disrepair. He hired Rees Jones (no relation to Bobby) to redesign the golf course, which has since hosted the PGA Tour's season ending Tour Championship several times, and become one of the leading golf courses in Atlanta. Cousins and his family financed the project to the tune of about $25 million.[3][4] This was part of a greater revitalization of the East Lake Meadows housing project in the East Lake neighborhood around the golf course.

He retains air rights over the CNN Center parking deck in Atlanta's massive railroad gulch.

He stepped down as head of Cousins Properties in January 2002.

Philanthropic works[edit]

In 1995 Cousins founded the East Lake Foundation in Atlanta.[5] The Foundation partnered with the Atlanta Housing Authority[2] to build a mixed-income apartment block in a local low-income area with a high crime rate and put additional resources into education options and job provision for the tenants. Columnist Leonard Pitts Jnr. noted that these changes saw "violent crime down 96 percent" and "78 percent of kids passing the state math test when only 5 percent could do it before".[5]

Based on the results of the East Lake Foundation project, Cousins, with partner Warren Buffett, created Purpose Built Communities, an organization focused on supporting other communities working to replicate the successful community development seen in Atlanta. Purpose Built Communities currently partners with 9 other communities in the United States. Source:

Sporting franchises[edit]

In April 1968 purchased the Hawks basketball team and moved them from St Louis to Atlanta, renaming them the Atlanta Hawks. At the time Atlanta did not have pro-ball facilities, but Cousins was building a local arena complex.[6] Cousins also owned the Atlanta Flames until he sold them in 1980 for approximately $16 million to a consortium from Calgary.[7] He purchased the original Atlanta Chiefs soccer club of the North American Soccer League from the Braves in 1973, during this time they were renamed the Atlanta Apollos.

In 1993 Tom Cousins was the recipient of the Bill Hartman Award which recognises former varsity athletes from the University of Georgia who have demonstrated excellence in their profession.[8] On March 8, 2010, Cousins was awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2010 Atlanta Sports Awards for his role in promoting sports in Atlanta.[9]

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Further reading[edit]

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