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Tom Grant is a private investigator in Beverly Hills, California. He is best known for his unproven theory that Kurt Cobain was murdered.


Grant joined the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in 1969 and within a few years was promoted to Detective. In 1975, Grant left the Sheriff's department and went into business as a security consultant. He later obtained his private investigator's license and opened an office in Beverly Hills, California where he specialized in criminal investigations. Grant's client list includes some of Hollywood's biggest names.[1]

Kurt Cobain case[edit]

Grant gained notoriety in late 1994 when he claimed that rock musician Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the popular band Nirvana, had not committed suicide, as was the official police conclusion, but had, in fact, been murdered.

Grant's interest in Cobain's death has resulted in considerable media coverage; Grant has appeared on the television program Unsolved Mysteries, Nick Broomfield's 1998 documentary film Kurt & Courtney, and the NBC program Dateline NBC. Grant also appeared on The Tom Leykis Show, a Los Angeles-based syndicated radio talk show that had generated a large listening audience in Seattle; within days of the appearance, however, Leykis' syndicator, Westwood One, inserted retractions of Grant's claims into a subsequent Leykis broadcast. Leykis stated that he was reading the retraction against his will. Grant's efforts have also inspired at least two books on the theory, but suicide remains the official cause of Cobain's death.

Other cases[edit]

After filing her sexual harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton, Paula Jones hired Tom Grant. In November 1997, Grant traveled to Little Rock, Arkansas where he spent nearly two months attending depositions and assisting Jones and her legal team with the pre-trial investigation of the President.[citation needed]

On July 20 of 2012, Tom Grant was hired by an attorney for Mrs. Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson's mother). Mrs. Jackson was missing and presumed to have been taken out of state under false pretenses.[2] A media frenzy began. Within five days after Grant was hired, Katherine Jackson was returned to her home.


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