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Tom Mabe
Residence Louisville, Kentucky
Occupation Comedian, YouTuber, Prankster

Tom Mabe is an American comedian and prankster.[1][2][3]


Mabe, based in Louisville, Kentucky; achieved notability with his prank responses to telemarketing calls. He would have recording equipment setup near his phone, and upon received unsolicited calls, would respond to the telemarketer (instead of just hanging up), leading them on with elaborate stories - often putting them in uncomfortable situations - and recording the whole thing. He has been featured on Drew & Mike in the Morning on WRIF numerous times and has released three comedy albums of his calls through Virgin Records Nashville. A radio broadcast that had the RJ airing a call where Mabe tricks the caller into believing that the latter had called a homicide scene, was one of the first of his calls to be uploaded to YouTube - proving to be wildly popular. Mabe has now started a channel on YouTube called "MabeInAmerica" - where he uploads his exploits. He has moved on to the candid camera form of pranking, although some telemarketing/prank calls are uploaded from time to time as well.[4] In the year of 2008, Mabe was the Executive Producer, writer, and talent for CMT (Country Music Television) comedy series, Mabe In America. He currently has 6 episodes that have been produced that include his two "best of" shows that showcase his best features. He appeared in the second episode of CMT Comedy Stage.[5] His new center of focus for his comedic acts revolves around anything that tends to make Americans mad. These annoyances include junk-email, bad customer service, and high gas prices.[6]


One unofficial event that Tom Mabe is best known for took place when telemarketers gathered in Washington D.C. with the hopes of discouraging any laws that would prevent telemarketing. Mabe found out exactly where the telemarketers were staying, and he checked into the same hotel. He even found out what rooms they were staying in. Mabe then took the initiative to call the telemarketers at 3 a.m. to pretend and sell them sleeping pills. This occurrence allowed his audience from Paul Harvey to The New York Times to announce that Tom Mabe was their new hero.[6]


Tom Mabe has been featured through the following:

  • Sport Illustrated
  • The New York Times
  • MTV
  • ABC[7]


  • Revenge on the Telemarketers (1997)
  • Revenge on the Telemarketers: Round One (2000)
  • Revenge on the Telemarketers: Round Two (2000)
  • A Wake Up Call for Telemarketers (2003)
  • Mabe In America (2006)
  • King of the Ring (2011)


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