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Tom Mathisen (born 14 August 1952) is a Norwegian comedian, actor,[1] screenwriter and musician. He usually handles bass, guitar and vocals. He was in the comedy group Prima Vera from 1976 to 1983 along with Jahn Teigen and Herodes Falsk. Later he continued to work with Herodes Falsk on many TV/scene shows and records. He is also known as "Fortelleren" (The Narrator) in the Brødrene Dal series.

Several groups/bands he have performed with :

  • Tom Mathisen (solo) - guitar, vocals
  • Tom Mathisen & Herodes Falsk - vocals, guitar, bass
  • Prima Vera - vocals, guitar, bass
  • Snu - vocals, bass, guitar, mandolin, harmonica
  • Viggo og Reidar - guitar, vocals + several instruments
  • Credo Zeppo - vocals
  • Mulens Portland Combo - jazz guitar


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