Tom Santschi

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Tom Santschi

Tom Santschi (Paul William Santschi) (October 24, 1880, Crystal City, Missouri - April 9, 1931, Los Angeles) was an American leading man and character actor of the silent film era.


Santschi acted in over 245 films during the period 1907-1931, and directed 28 during 1914-1916. He wrote one screen play in 1914. A 1915 two-reeler In the King's Service, in which he starred with Marion Warner, surfaced at a yard sale in Maine, and was shown along with The Spoilers (1914) at a Northeast Historic Film Festival at Bucksport, Maine in 2002.

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Santschi died in his sleep from a heart attack at the age of 52. He was interred at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. His gravestone gives his date of birth as 1880.


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