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Tom Slick is the cartoon star of a series of shorts that aired within the half-hour animated television series George of the Jungle (ABC, 1967). It was the work of Jay Ward Productions, the creators of Rocky & Bullwinkle and other satiric animated characters.

The premise[edit]

Freckled, all-American racecar driver Tom Slick (voiced by Bill Scott using a voice similar to Dudley Do-Right) competes in various races with his trusty vehicle, the Thunderbolt Grease-Slapper. He is accompanied by his girlfriend Marigold (voiced by June Foray) and his elderly mechanic Gertie Growler (also voiced by Bill Scott in the manner of Jonathan Winters 'Maude Fricket'). The two women do not always get along well. A recurring antagonist is the evil Baron Otto Matic (voiced by Paul Frees), and the Baron's stupid lackey Clutcher (voiced by Daws Butler impersonating Frank Fontaine), whom the Baron had a penchant for hitting across the head with a monkey wrench. Seventeen six-minute episodes were made.

Tom Slick in the comics[edit]

In comic books, Tom Slick appeared as a backup feature in Gold Key Comics's two-issue George of the Jungle title (1969).

Episode titles[edit]