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Tom Stienstra
Born Palo Alto, California, US
Occupation Writer

Tom Stienstra is an American author, outdoorsman and columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle.[1][2] He has written several guide books for California, the Pacific Northwest and America.[3] He has also won awards.

Early life[edit]

Stienstra was raised and educated in Palo Alto, California. He received his graduation degree in journalism from San Jose State University.[4] Later he began to work as a sports reporter for the Palo Alto Times, where his first story was published.[4] In 1979, when Palo Alto Times merged with the Redwood City Tribune and became the Peninsula Times Tribune, that time Stienstra was more interested for his career to write in the newspaper rather than playing baseball.[4]


Stienstra published his first story at age 8, "Searching for a Lost Friend," in the Palo Alto Times.[5] After a failed professional baseball tryout, he turned his ability to deliver his words rather than a baseball.[6] He was hired to write outdoors for the San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle in 1980.[7]


Stienstra has written many books and among them are, The Sweet Redemption, An Inspector Korg Mystery, a novel and [8] Pacific Northwest Camping, a No. 1 bestseller[9] Stienstra writes, records and produces the radio feature, "Great Outdoors," which appears on KCBS- Francisco.[10] His column "Coping with death of a loved one" was included in the book Old Dogs Remembered.[11]


In 2013, Stienstra became America's first outdoors writer to win "The President's Award" as "Best of the Best" for the third time from the Outdoor Writers Association of America, when he won best story of the year in the Newspaper Newspaper/Website division at the organization's annual awards banquet in New York.[12] The winning entry was “Paralyzed athlete Grant Korgan achieves polar goal,” published in the Jan 26, 2012, edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.[13] To become a finalist for the President's Award, that story won first place in the Outdoor Fun and Adventure Category of the Newspaper/Website Contest.[14] He is one of OWAA's most awarded members, and in 2009, he won first place for best outdoors column in America.[15]

Stienstra was the fourth living member inducted into California Outdoors Hall of Fame.[16]

In 2005, he won first place in the nation for best outdoor recreation radio show.[2] He hosted the "Great Outdoors with Tom Stienstra", which aired on CBS/CW in San Francisco-San Jose and Sacramento.[17] In 2006, the show "Land of Smoke" won first place for best outdoor recreation show in America by the Outdoor Writers Association of America.[2]


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