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Privately held company
Industry Marketing
Founded 1991 (1991)
Headquarters London, Los Angeles, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo

Tomato is a multi-discipline design and film collective, founded in London in 1991 by Steve Baker, Dirk van Dooren, Simon Taylor, John Warwicker and Graham Wood, plus musicians Karl Hyde and Rick Smith of the electronic group Underworld.[1][2]

The collective includes a worldwide group of directors, designers, artists, writers, producers and composers, who develop cross-platform projects that are commercial, artistic and research based.[3]

Tomato also regularly lectures on design[4] [5] and has published two books, Process[6] and Bareback: A Tomato Project[7] with a third in development. In addition to its core studio in London, Tomato has a presence in Melbourne and Tokyo,[3] and in 2012 opened its first wholly owned US entity, Tomato Studios, with a main creative/production studio in Los Angeles and field office in New York. In 2014, Tomato signed an agreement with production company Twist Films for exclusive director representation in the US, and co-development of creative projects.[8]


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