Tomb of King Wanggon

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Tomb of King Wanggŏn
Korean name
Hangul 현릉 / 왕건왕릉
Hanja /
Revised Romanization Hyeolleung/Wanggeonwangneung
McCune–Reischauer Hyŏllŭng/Wanggŏnwangrŭng

The Tomb of King Wanggŏn, more correctly known as the Hyŏllŭng Royal Tomb, is a mausoleum located Haesong-ri, Kaepung-gun near Kaesŏng, North Korea. The tomb belongs to the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty, Wanggeon, who adopted the name Taejo upon ascending the throne and was the first king to unify the entire Korean peninsula after subjugation the southern states of Silla and Baekje. Construction on the tomb began after the king's death in 943. Nonetheless, by the end of the occupation period there was little left of the original tomb, which had deteriorated due to abandonment and looting by Japanese forces. The tomb was heavily reconstructed in 1994, and all of the original buildings and statues were cleared away in order to accomplish its "restoration". The site is nominated for World Heritage status.

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Coordinates: 37°59′5″N 126°30′20″E / 37.98472°N 126.50556°E / 37.98472; 126.50556