Tomb of Valdemar

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Doctor Who book
Book cover
Tomb of Valdemar
Series Past Doctor Adventures
Release number 29
Featuring Fourth Doctor
Romana I and K-9
Writer Simon Messingham
Publisher BBC Books
ISBN ISBN 0-563-55591-2
Number of pages 278
Release date February 2000

Tomb of Valdemar is a BBC Books original novel written by Simon Messingham and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It features the Fourth Doctor, Romana I, and K-9.


The Doctor's quest to fix the Key of Time is interrupted by a complex conspiracy to bring back Valdemar, an ancient being that can change reality.


  • The Old Ones' Palace can regenerate itself similar to the city of Exxilons in Death to the Daleks
  • The old woman who narrates the main story in a framing sequence is hinted to be a future incarnation of Romana, suggesting that she survived the destruction of Gallifrey at the end of The Ancestor Cell; or, retroactively, that it applies to audio/television canon, implying that she survived the Time War.

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