Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

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Tomb of the Lost Queen
Nancy Drew - Tomb of the Lost Queen Coverart.png
Developer(s) Her Interactive
Publisher(s) Her Interactive
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Mac OS X
Release date(s) May 8, 2012
Genre(s) Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player

Tomb of the Lost Queen is the 26th installment in the Nancy Drew point-and-click adventure game series by Her Interactive. The game is available for play on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X platforms. It has an ESRB rating of E for moments of mild violence. Players take on the first-person view of fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew and must solve the mystery through interrogation of suspects, solving puzzles, and discovering clues. There are two levels of gameplay, Amateur and Master sleuth modes, each offering a different difficulty level of puzzles and hints, however neither of these changes affect the actual plot of the game. The game is loosely based on a book entitled Secrets of the Nile (1995).[1][2]


Sixty years ago, a violent sandstorm uncovered an ancient tomb in the desert outside Cairo. A British expedition set off in hope of finally finding Egypt's legendary Lost Queen. The expedition never returned. The explorers were lost and presumed dead.

In the present day, Nancy Drew joins leading archaeologists as they unearth what they presume to be the tomb where the British explorers were lost. The site is rumored to be cursed, due to an increase in suspicious accidents. The site's lead archaeologist, Professor Jon Boyle, was attacked during a fiercesome sandstorm and sent to the hospital to recover. As an amateur detective, Nancy attempts to discover who attacked Professor Boyle as well as what happened to the previous expedition.



  • Nancy Drew - Nancy is an eighteen-year old amateur detective from the fictional town of River Heights in the United States. She is the only playable character in the game, which means the player must solve the mystery from her perspective.
  • Abdullah Bakhoum - Abdullah is the Egyptian-assigned liaison to the Kingston dig team. He's famous in the Egyptology world for both his discoveries and his strong personality. Though he's tried for years, he hasn't yet been able to attain a high-ranking position in the field and is determined to get what he wants. Could his passion for discovery and need for limelight be the fuel behind the strange accidents?
  • Lily Crewe - Lily is an Egyptology PhD student from Kingston University who is on her very first actual expedition. Archaeology is her passion and she's beyond thrilled to be part of this dig. She wants to find the mummy, but doesn't know exactly what she should be doing. She's also in awe of Abdullah, but petrified of displeasing him. Her desire for leadership and clear inexperience makes her look suspicious.
  • Jamila El-Dine - Jamila is a local Egyptian who was absolutely thrilled when the temple was discovered just outside of her town. She loves ancient Egypt and is a firm believer that the aliens built the pyramids. Jamila spends much of her time sneaking around in the shadows. What does she really believe and why is she really here?
  • Dylan Carter - British tour guide Dylan is charismatic, knowledgeable and friendly. He's also crashing a dig site. Carter claims that tourists will come to the tomb when they hear about the curse, which might imply that he is betting his financial future on more misfortune for the team. If Carter can't bank on a natural accident, would he go to the trouble of creating one?

Phone Contacts[edit]

  • Professor Jon Boyle - Professor Boyle is the leader of the dig and a renowned Egyptologist from Kingston University in New York. In his early 50s, he's been working in the field for decades. After getting hurt in the sandstorm, Jon asks you for help in finding the real answer behind his accident and theft at the dig site.
  • Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss - Historian and writer Professor Hotchkiss is your number one resource for everything Egyptian. Her passion and knowledge in history will help you learn more about the tomb and who is possibly buried in it. Call her often for help, but don't feel offended if she forgets your name.
  • Bess Marvin - Nancy's best friend Bess is available to assist in her investigation.



Easter Eggs[edit]

  • Smash the clay pot in the antiquities tent with the pickaxe.
  • Rather than solving the scarab puzzle, move each scarab to a different corner of the board.
  • Place the scarab egg in the mousehole puzzle in the cat tomb.

Fatal Errors[edit]

In each of the games, there are different points where Nancy can make "fatal errors." These points are usually when she blows her cover as a detective or gets seriously injured. At such points, the game will stop and give the player the option to try again before the fatal error occurred. If the player doesn't wish to retry, then the game is over. The fatal errors in Tomb of the Lost Queen include:

  • Getting caught snooping through someone's private area.
  • Drinking too much water.
  • Getting attacked by a cobra.
  • Getting buried in a sand trap.
  • Breaking a stepping stone and falling to your death.
  • Crushing Dylan under a pile of rocks.
  • Solving the casket puzzle incorrectly.
  • Falling off the ledge.
  • Culprit escapes at the end of the game.

Gameplay Awards[edit]

In Tomb of the Lost Queen, awards can be earned for doing various tasks.

  • Camelback: For packing away water like a Camelus.
  • Code Breaker: For leaving no inscription coded.
  • Curses!: For being well and truly cursed.
  • Egyptologist: For being an erudite ancient world detective.
  • Easter Egg: For finding a hidden surprise.
  • Feathered Friend: For acknowledging a crested flyer.
  • Fire Specialist: For tracking down the possible starters.
  • Gamer: For being a player extraordinaire - antiquities style.
  • Lights Out: For trying to get a little light back.
  • Research Assistant: For helping out an old friend.
  • Scarab Slide: For spending time with insects.
  • Translator: For thinking hieroglyphs are cool!
  • Trivia Tamer: For acing the final test.

References to Previous Games[edit]

References to previous games in the series include:

New Interface[edit]

Tomb of the Lost Queen features a new user interface, making this the fourth interface in the series. It differs from the last one, as it now has the inventory readily accessible, as it was in the original interface. It also now has a main menu, thus eliminating the main screen at Nancy's desk.[4]


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