Tommy's First Birthday

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"Tommy's First Birthday"
Rugrats episode
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Howard Baker
Written by Paul Germain
Original air date August 11, 1991 (1991-08-11)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Tommy Pickles and The Great White Thing"
Next →
"Barbeque Story"
List of Rugrats episodes

"Tommy's First Birthday" is the first official episode and first Half-hour special of the animated television series Rugrats. It originally aired on the television network Nickelodeon on August 11, 1991, during the series' first season. In the episode, Didi and Stu give Tommy a special first birthday, but he just wants Spike's dog food. So he tells the others about the dog food commercial and makes a plan to get it.

"Tommy's First Birthday" was written by series co-creator Paul Germain and directed by Howard Baker. The episode officially introduced all the main characters and Chuckie and Angelica (since they do not appear in the pilot episode, Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing). This episode marks the only time Tommy wears a red shirt and overalls, although Angelica appears in her party dress in other episodes.


On the morning of Tommy Pickles' first birthday, Stu and Didi try to feed Tommy with carrot baby food, but he sees a commercial for dog food and decides that he wants to eat it, believing it will turn him into a dog. Tommy manages to outsmart Stu by causing him to fling the Carrot baby food out of the spoon. He tries to get to the dog food, but Grandpa Lou grabs him and returns him to his chair. Meanwhile, his mother Didi is panicking over having the perfect party for Tommy. This includes a puppet show (to which the stage and puppets are booked, but not the puppeteers), a carrot cake (much to Grandpa Boris' displeasure, hoping it would be a chocolate cake), and a really elaborate invention from Tommy's dad, Stu (the Hoverama).

After convincing the other Rugrats to eat dog food, Tommy discovers that Spike has eaten all of it. But when he spots another can on top of the shelf, he attempts to get it with Angelica and Chuckie's help. However, all he ends up doing is destroying his kitchen and ruining the Hoverama, which crashes into the cake. Soon, all the adults are complaining about various items, when Grandpa opens a can of dog food for Spike. The Rugrats finally eat it, but all but Lil, who licks her lips and smiles, spit it out. When they stand back up, it is actually Phil that states he kind of likes it. Then, thinking they are dogs, they start walking around on all fours and barking. This breaks the adults out of arguing and they start watching the babies in awe. The episode ends with Grandpa Lou taking a picture of the party, which ends up in the Pickles' photo album.


"Tommy's First Birthday" was originally broadcast on the television network Nickelodeon on August 11, 1991.[1] It wasn't paired with another episode, because it is a full length 23 minute episode.[2] Later in the show's run most of the bumpers used to promote the cartoon was Tommy in his overalls (examples: "Coming up next..." and "Nickelodeon: The only network for you").[3]


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