Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This

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Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This
Directed by Benjamin Caron
Produced by Lucy Dyke
Written by Simon Nye
Starring David Threlfall
Helen McCrory
Amanda Redman
Gregor Fisher
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Release date
  • 21 April 2014 (2014-04-21)
Running time 100 minutes

Tommy Cooper: Not Like That, Like This is a 2014 television film made by Left Bank Pictures.[1]The film focuses on the life of the late Tommy Cooper, the popular British comedian, and the dilemma he faced when he fell in love with his assistant Mary Kay. At the time he was married to Gwen, whom he affectionately nicknamed Dove. Tommy was unable to choose between the two women and embarked upon a dual relationship that would last for 17 years. Cooper died during a live TV recording of Live From Her Majesty's in front of millions of television viewers on 15 April 1984.[2]



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