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Tommy Edwards is an American public address announcer for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association.

Edwards was the arena voice for the Bulls at Chicago Stadium from 1976-1990.[1] During his first tenure with the team, Edwards is credited with originating the Bulls' famous signature style of introducing the starting lineups with "And now..." [1]

Edwards is also the first stadium announcer to play Gary Glitter's Rock and Roll (which became one of America's most popular sports anthems).[1]

In 2006, Edwards returned to the Bulls, replacing Steve Scott as the United Center arena voice.

Tommy Edwards was also a DJ and program director at WLS Radio (as well as other Chicago radio stations) and was part of the famous Animal Stories with Larry Lujack on WLS and WRLL. In the early 1990s, while working as the program director for KCBS-FM in Los Angeles, Edwards created the "Arrow" (All Rock & Roll Oldies) format. He currently is a DJ for 104.3 K-Hits, an oldies station broadcasting out of Chicago.[2]

Edwards was born in Topeka, Kansas and currently lives in Lake Forest, Illinois.


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