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Tommy Tenney (born 1956) is an American preacher and author, known for his message of "God Chasing".

In his book The God Chasers (1999), Tenney relates experiences of being "in the presence of God", including one occasion when a pulpit was purportedly divinely split in two. He teaches that every Christian should pursue an intimate relationship with God, and that supernatural occurrences are an ordinary outcome of the pursuit.

He has written over fifty other books and workbooks, including Hadassah: One Night with the King with Mark Andrew Olsen, which was made into a film titled "One Night with the King", in 2006.

He is the CEO of the which holds offices in Pineville (Alexandria) Louisiana. operates under its parent of HDE.


Tenney was raised in a Oneness Pentecostal denomination the United Pentecostal Church International His father, Rev. Tom F. Tenney, now retired, held the position of District Superintendent of the Louisiana District United Pentecostal Church, since 1978. He held this position for 27 years - until his recent retirement and re-launch into full-time mobile ministry. [1]

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