Tommy and Quadrophenia Live

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Tommy and Quadrophenia Live
Directed by Roger Daltrey and Aubrey Powell
Starring The Who
Music by The Who
Distributed by United States Rhino
United Kingdom Warner Music Vision
Release dates
United States 8 November 2005
United Kingdom 7 November 2005[1]
Running time
417 min.
Language English

Tommy and Quadrophenia Live is a 3-disc DVD box set that includes performances by The Who from their 1989 (the Tommy portion) and 1996-1997 tours (the Quadrophenia portion). Whilst the Tommy part of the set had been already released on VHS, material from the Quadrophenia Tour had not been commercially available previously.

Both sets present a heavily augmented backing band supporting Roger Daltrey (vocals), Pete Townshend (guitar, piano and vocals) and John Entwistle (bass guitars and vocals). In 1989 the band featured Steve 'Boltz' Bolton on guitar, John Bundrick on piano and keyboards, Simon Phillips on drums, Jody Linscott on percussion, and Chyna, Billy Nicholls and Cleveland Watkiss on backing vocals, along with the Kick Horns brass ensemble. The 1996-97 band swapped Zak Starkey for Phillips on drums and Pete's Brother Simon Townshend for Steve Bolton on guitar. For both tours Townshend heavily relied on acoustic guitars for the main part of the show, only trading it in for his electric guitars on some of the older numbers.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1 - Tommy[edit]

Live at the Universal Amphitheatre, Los Angeles in 1989 with special guests Phil Collins, Billy Idol, Elton John, Patti LaBelle and Steve Winwood.

  1. "Overture"
  2. "It's A Boy"
  3. "1921"
  4. "Amazing Journey"
  5. "Sparks"
  6. "Eyesight To The Blind" (with Steve Winwood)
  7. "Christmas"
  8. "Cousin Kevin" (with Billy Idol)
  9. "The Acid Queen" (with Patti LaBelle)
  10. "Pinball Wizard" (with Elton John)
  11. "Do You Think It's Alright?"
  12. "Fiddle About" (with Phil Collins)
  13. "There's A Doctor"
  14. "Go to the Mirror!"
  15. "Smash The Mirror"
  16. "Tommy, Can You Hear Me?"
  17. "I'm Free"
  18. "Extra Extra / Miracle Cure"
  19. "Sally Simpson"
  20. "Sensation"
  21. "Tommy's Holiday Camp" (with Phil Collins)
  22. "We're Not Gonna Take It"

Disc 2 - Quadrophenia[edit]

A 90-minute show filmed on The Who's 1996-1997 United States tour with special guests Billy Idol and PJ Proby and film sequences narrated by Phil Daniels.

  1. "I Am the Sea"
  2. "The Real Me"
  3. "Quadrophenia"
  4. "Cut My Hair"
  5. "The Punk And The Godfather"
  6. "I'm One"
  7. "The Dirty Jobs"
  8. "Helpless Dancer"
  9. "Is It In My Head?"
  10. "I've Had Enough"
  11. "5:15"
  12. "Sea and Sand"
  13. "Drowned"
  14. "Bell Boy"
  15. "Doctor Jimmy"
  16. "The Rock"
  17. "Love Reign O'er Me"

Disc 3 - Live Hits[edit]

Encore of disc one
  1. "Substitute"
  2. "I Can See For Miles"
  3. "Baba O'Riley"
  4. "Face the Face"
  5. "Love Reign O'er Me"
  6. "Boris the Spider"
  7. "Dig"
  8. "Join Together"
  9. "Rough Boys"
  10. "You Better You Bet"
  11. "Behind Blue Eyes"
  12. "Won't Get Fooled Again"
  13. "Who Are You"
Encore of disc two
  1. "Won't Get Fooled Again"
  2. "Substitute"
  3. "I Can't Explain"
  4. "The Kids Are Alright"
  5. "Behind Blue Eyes"
  6. "Who Are You"
Giants Stadium, New Jersey, 1989
  1. "The Acid Queen"
  2. "Pinball Wizard"
  3. "A Little Is Enough"