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For the Albanian mountain, see Mount Tomorr. For the Turkic and Mongolic name, see Timur (name).

Tomor is the father of gods and humans in the Albanian mythology. He was also referred to as Baba Tomor (English: father Tomor).[1]


Baba Tomor is seen as an old man with a long white beard flowing down to his belt. According to some scholars deity of Tomor has precedents in the Illyrian times.[2] He is accompanied by two female eagles and the winds are his servants.[2] His consort was a mysterious goddess referred to as Bukura e dheut.


The cult of Tomor has been linked to romantic nationalism by many Rilindas.[3] In 1902, Andon Zako Çajupi, a notable Albanian rilindas, published in Cairo an anthology called Baba-Tomorri ("Father Tomorr"). Even today, Albanian peasants swear by him.[1]

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