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Tomort is located in China
Location in China
Elevation 4,886 m (16,030 ft)[1]
Prominence 3,243 m (10,640 ft)[1]
Ranked 70th
Listing Ultra
Location Xinjiang, China
Range Karlik Shan, Tien Shan
Coordinates 43°04′24″N 94°20′48″E / 43.07333°N 94.34667°E / 43.07333; 94.34667Coordinates: 43°04′24″N 94°20′48″E / 43.07333°N 94.34667°E / 43.07333; 94.34667[1]
First ascent August 15, 2005, by Hiroyuki Katsuki and Koichiro Takahashi[2]

Tomort, or Tomurty

Traditional Chinese 托木爾提峰
Simplified Chinese 博格达峰

, is the highest peak in the Karlik Shan, in the far eastern part of the Tien Shan mountain range of Xinjiang, China. While not of great absolute elevation among Chinese peaks, it is well-separated from higher terrain, and hence has a high topographic prominence.

Tomort was reconnoitered or attempted in 1996, 1997, 2000, and 2004, by Chinese and Japanese parties. Its first, and to date only, ascent was in 2005, by a small group from the Alpine Club of the National Defense Academy of Japan, led by Isao Fukura. They described the summit as a "table-top ice-snow plateau, with glaciers several kilometers long descending on all sides," which was reached by "a crevassed glacier and a 50 degree snow/ice face."[2]

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